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Adolescents need a safe place where they feel like:

  • They belong

  • Their presence matters

  • They can be open and honest

  • They are not the only ones who _____ (fill in the blank: struggle, feel left out, have trouble making friends, are self-conscious or insecure, etc.)


Our hope is that group would provide this kind of place for any adolescent who participates, and that by participating, adolescents would learn how to be this kind of place for others.

Group Counseling for Adolescents

7th-9th Grade Boys  |  Monday 6:15-8:00 for 
4th-6th Grade Boys  |  Thursday 4:15-6:00 
9th-11th Grade Boys  |  Thursday 7:15-9:00 

If you are interested in group for your adolescent please speak with your counselor prior to filling out and submitting this form.

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