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from Within provides counseling, coaching, and consultation for parents, children, and adolescents. 

If you are like many parents, you’ve found yourself standing in the dark from time to time. Things go wrong and don’t make sense. Old answers to new problems don’t seem to work, and new answers don’t come easily. You find yourself weary, frustrated, alone, and afraid. Joy leaves you like water draining from a tub. You want relief and hope for hope.


If you stand in the dark long enough your eyes get used to it. You begin to wonder if this is all there really is. Sometimes you feel alienated as the people in your life try to fix you or label you in an effort to help you. “Just lower your expectations” you hear them say. Or “Be stronger”. Or “You’re probably depressed.”


In times likes this we want people in our life who are not afraid of the dark and who will walk with us through it. We want people who will hear us, respect us, and believe in us as we struggle with life’s problems and grow from them.


from Within Counseling seeks to equip, empower, and encourage families who are struggling emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. We believe that life is intentionally hard. It is not supposed to work well or go smoothly because life’s problems mature our character, deepen our faith and make room in our hearts for joy. However, we also believe that there is much more to life than the dark. We believe that there is a faith, hope, and love that comes from Within which makes the dark afraid, pack its’ bags, and run…not fully and not permanently, but enough to help us shine in the dark for others.

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