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Children describe group as a place where kids are nice, help you with your problems, and don’t make fun of you.  Kids also say they like group because you go out to eat, play games, and make friends.  


Our groups are for any child (K-6th) who would benefit from an encouraging and supportive environment where they can open up with their peers and grow in areas of weakness.  Group is also a good place for kids to talk about things that promote their character development and their emotional, social, and spiritual maturity (for example: handling conflict with siblings or bullies, dealing with loss, showing empathy, reading social cues, handling frustration and worry, seeing their value, etc). Our hope is that any child participating in group will learn to build each other up and help each other out, not in spite of what they’ve been through or struggled with, but because of it.

Group Counseling for Children

Groups are divided according to age and grade:  (K-1st, 2nd-4th, and 5th-6th)

If you are interested in group for your child please speak with your counselor prior to filling out and submitting this form.

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