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Through your Support

It is through your support that we make counseling accessible to families in need, regardless of their ability to pay. Thanks to your generosity, we currently provide 40 families with financial aid. Your gift has helped turn hard stories into good stories….stories like John’s.


John’s family was already receiving financial aid before the pandemic, but when the pandemic hit, John’s dad lost his job as a chef and the family teetered on bankruptcy.  Still they were able to come to counseling.  

The first time I met John he had his head down on a table and simply grunted when I asked him questions.  I don’t know if he would have even talked with me if my dog Scout hadn’t been there to greet him.  John loves animal, and he brightened up at the sight of my friendly (and a little in-your-face) labrador.

John was here because of struggles with anxiety, stress and depression.  He was also here because his family did not know what to do.  John was refusing to go to school - locking himself in his room, arguing with his parents, punching holes in the walls, and checking out on video games.      

John’s mom says that through counseling her son “has an outlet to say how he feels and can communicate what he thinking and feeling a lot better”.  John added that counseling “has really helped me with managing and dealing with my stress”. 

Just this week I told John that one of the things I believe he was meant to do was bring joy to this world.  For he has a smile, a playfulness, and a laughter that can only come after you’ve been through something hard and known a happy ending.   

We need help to provide financial support to families.  During the pandemic, we averaged over $3000 a month in financial aid to families, which was $1000 more each month than normal.  Please prayerfully consider if you would like to join us in helping make counseling accessible to any family in need regardless of their ability to pay. 

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